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If you have not heard of Serverless Technologies yet, then you are going to want to pay close attention while we go over all of the many wonderful benefits that our different softwares has to offer

Serverless Technologies is complete package software that helps to increase efficiency and productivity of all the departments addressed by Serverless Technologies by providing ease for profile management. Serverless Technologies is a suite of connective/standalone software to centralize and automate all the departments of a region. The Unique Selling Point (USP) is that every module is standalone product and can connect with other smart cities with authentic access. It is an enhanced version of Smart City in latest Serverless technology. Serverless Technologies helps to increase efficiency and productivity of all the departments of a region.

What We do?

Here are some of our expertise


The Education Management Software offers website, desktop and mobile applications to manage the data and bridges the gap between parents and the educational institutes including teaching and non-teaching staff.


The OTO-Biz Software provides a kick-start to a new business and accelerates an already running business. A three layered connective business software; manufacturer, distributor and up to retailer.

Road and Transport

Road and Transport Software provides you transport facilities include ticketing and booking of seats online. It also includes Cargo Management which is directed to meet the needs of customers; consignment booking, cater with parcel bag, documents and hand carry goods.

Online City

Online City is a community website, providing you details about budgets, Right to Information, Community News, Map (UC Wise), History, Complaint System (Android App + Web), Market Committee (Android App + Web) and Governing Body Access (Android App + Web.

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Our Mission is To Automating All Departments of A Region Using A Suite of Latest Serverless Technologies

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